Tweet from Powershell - Twitter GUI with PowerShell and Material Design

2018/10/02 | 1 minute read |


In this post I create my first WPF application with MaterialDesign, you have the possibility to post tweets, for that you need at first the Poshtwit powershell module, thank’s to @pcgeek86 Trevor Sullivan [MVP]. If the module isn’t present you receive an error and the application will close.

1. Configure Poshtwit

This module enables you to post tweets. You need to configure the token.json file with your own details from

  • Create an application,
  • Generate an access token for the application,
  • Optional you can run the Set-PoshTwitToken command to configure the : 1) Consumer Secret, 2) Consumer Key, 3) Access Token, 4) Access Secret.
  • Or you can kept all and put it in the Application
  • Once you’ve done this, you can run Publish-Tweet to send a tweet.

The second method is to insert tour Twitter Application secret into the Powershell file like this.


2. How to use it ?

The project is available on my github profile.The link for the download is here.

To use it you can first Unblock File or you use the Apps from [MVP] Damien Van Robaeys here ;-) …

get-ChildItem -recurse | Unblock-File

Whit this application you can post Tweet in your Timeline.

In the next post I talk aubout How to use MaterialDesing with powershell.

Written by Jérôme Bezet-Torres @JM2K69.