How to drag and move TabItem with DragaBlz

1. How have all the Library ? 2. Namespace in your XAML file ? 3. Dragablz Control 3. My Application I discover a good thing for all your #WPF Applications you can use it with the two popular Themes Mahapps and Material Design. You can find they own Github project... [Read More]
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How to use Material Desgin with PowerShell

1. The Demo Project 2. How have all the Library ? 3. How to apply the theme In your XAML file ? 3. Material Design With PowerShell ? 4. Some Objects 4.1ColorZone 4.2 PackIcon When you create WPF application you have two popular Themes Mahapps and Material Design. You can... [Read More]
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Tweet from Powershell - Twitter GUI with PowerShell and Material Design

In this post I create my first WPF application with MaterialDesign, you have the possibility to post tweets, for that you need at first the Poshtwit powershell module, thank’s to @pcgeek86 Trevor Sullivan [MVP]. If the module isn’t present you receive an error and the application will close. 1. Configure... [Read More]
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Folder Size

In this post we cover the way to create report on folder Size on your local PC. The interface Look like this : 1. The Tool With this Tool I use XAML and WPF like all my others applications and in this I used LiveChart for create Charts in WPF.... [Read More]
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Manage PowerShell Module Update

In my previous Blog post we talk about updating modules with my tools but my tools have some mistakes no runspace thank’s to @trevor_smsagent. Now you can update some module and not all in the main time. 1. The Update part update 2. The Install Pwsh module part update 1.... [Read More]
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Manage PowerShell Module

There are PowerShell modules that ship with Windows 10 that weren’t installed from the PowerShell Gallery using PowerShellGet so they can’t be updated using the Update-Module cmdlet. This also applies for any modules that you’ve installed manually yourself. This tool build with XAML in WPF is a Powershell script with... [Read More]
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PowerCli Roles and Privilege

How to manage Roles and Permissions in vSphere 6.X environement. 1. Predefined Roles 1.1 List predefined roles 1.2 Assigned Role to an Active Directory Group 1.3 Assigned permission for Developpers Group 2 Create a custom role 2.1 Cmdlet Get-VIPrivilege 2.1.1 List ParentGroupId 2.1.2 List Privilege by ParentGroupId 2.2 Create the... [Read More]
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PowerCli Lab StormShield Update

Preview on Youtbe The project StormShield has update to support Autologin feature with AES Password Manager. Download Script Written by Jérôme Bezet-Torres @JM2K69. [Read More]
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Credential Secure

How to Secure Credential to use it during Scripting Powershell or PowerCli. I use two functions Export-CliXml and Import-CliXml 1. Export-CliXml The Export-CliXml cmdlet creates an XML-based representation of an object or objects and stores it in a file. You can then use the Import-Clixml cmdlet to re-create the saved... [Read More]
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PowerCli Tag Folder

How to manage Tag in VMware vSphere 6.x and folders in VM View and Templates. 1. Tag and Metadata 1.1 Create 1.2 Work with Tag 2. Folder 2.1 Create 2.2 Delete 3. Conclusion First, what are the tags for our virtual machines? They will allow us to search with simple... [Read More]
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PowerCli Lab StormShield

Preview on Youtbe In order use PowerCli Lab StormShield you need install some things like PowerCli and we must have vSphere 6.x or higher environnement. 1. PowerCli 1. StormShield 1.1How implement in vSphere 2.The Script 1. PowerCli With the recent release of PowerCli for update your PowerCli version form PowerShell... [Read More]
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You know Mahapps or Material Design and now we have the opportunity to use FluentWPF with PowerShell and XAML 1. FluentWPF 1.1 Visual 1.2 How to use it 1.2 Basic Interface with 2 buttons XAML File PowerShell Script 2. The result 1. FluentWPF We can find the source on a... [Read More]
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Fake Windows 10 Update

You know the @syst_and_deploy project. The fake Windows 10 WPF, I updated his project by adding a boot screen and an installation screen for Windows updates. The original project The project now 1. Splash Screen 1.1 Create the Runspace 1.2 Functions for Start and Close Runspace Start function Close function... [Read More]
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Hydration Kit Sharepoint 2016

Today I release the Hydration Kit Sharepoint Server 2016 with Windows Server 2016 fully variable for all applications Index Index Hydration-Kits Virtual Machine Servers Client Hydration-Kits All applications in your Microsoft Deployment Toolkit must be run on ever system and they must be autonomous. Hydration Kit Sharepoint 2016 with Server... [Read More]
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Update WCRI support 1709

I have update Windows Creator Reference Image (WCRI) to support Windows 10 and Windows Server 1709. Just a few Tips for Server 2016 1709 you can only use Core version. I publish the source on my github depot. The project was created with PowerShell Studio 2017. Written by Jérôme Bezet-Torres... [Read More]
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