Update WCRI support 1709

I have update Windows Creator Reference Image (WCRI) to support Windows 10 and Windows Server 1709. Just a few Tips for Server 2016 1709 you can only use Core version. I publish the source on my github depot. The project was created with PowerShell Studio 2017. Written by Jérôme Bezet-Torres... [Read More]
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Functions used in WCRI

In this post i talk about all function used in the Windows Creator Reference Image (WCRI) Index Index Functions 1. Simple function 2. Advanced function 3. Launch one process without any windows 4. Monitor Process with heartbeat Message 5. Remove Unwantted Windows 10 Apps Functions 1. Simple function With this... [Read More]
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Update WCRI

What is new in this release New Interface Remove unwanted Windows 10 Apps Import Update to MDT DeploymentShare Import Reference Image to MDT DeploymentShare Now you can choose all work folder. Folder for donwload updates Folder for work on Offline WIM file Folder for reference Image Index Index Download 1.... [Read More]
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Create Master MDT Reference

For all IT admins when you want to create a reference image with MDT you have to import the operating system (Install.wim) and download it to the site of the microsoft Update site the updates that will correspond. With this new tool fully written in PowerShell, you create your reference... [Read More]
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Hydration Kit ConfigMgr CB full variable

Today I release the Hydration Kit ConfigMgr CB with Server 2016 fully variable for all applications Index Index Hydration-Kits Applications PowerShell code in all Applications script 1. This PowerShell script return the Domain Name 2. This PowerShell Function write a log during process Hydration-Kits All applications in your Microsoft Deployment... [Read More]
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Custom Wizard Hydration Release

Today the script is available to allow the complete customization of the Hydration Kit SCCM CB and others. This is post cover : How to use the PowerShell Script Index Index The prerequisites ? Customsetting.ini Sample Customsetting_DC01.ini Demo The prerequisites ? All applications in your Microsoft Deployment Toolkit must be... [Read More]
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Custom Wizard Hydration for HydrationKit - Part1

Today, to automate or customize products we are forced to use scripts, I wish I could wish customize the Hydration Kit for SCCM and other products. That is why I have decided to create a GUI in PowerShell to interact with all of the files of configurations that offers us... [Read More]
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