Infrastructure as code aka IAC

2022/03/04 | less than 1 minute read |

In this series of posts we will talk about the topic of infrastructure as code. How to set up an infrastructure as code. What are the main players and their tools.

For that, here is the agenda I propose and the topics covered.

1. Agenda

  1. format
    1. Blog
    2. Meetup*

Meetup is organized by the French PowerShell User Group on eventbrite soon 😉.

Format Topics When
Blog Introduction - IAC link
Meetup Packer - Terraform Youtube Meetup
Blog Packer - how to use Soon
Blog Packer Create Master always update not defined
Blog Terraform - VMware vSphere not defined
Blog Terraform - Vault not defined
Blog Terraform - Azure not defined
Blog Terraform - rover not defined
Blog Packer - Vagrant VMware Workstation not defined

Thank you for always being faithful.

Thank’s for reading.🤗

Written by Jérôme Bezet-Torres @JM2K69.