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PowerCli Lab StormShield Update

less than 1 minute read

Preview on Youtbe The project StormShield has update to support Autologin feature with AES Password Manager.

Credential Secure

1 minute read

How to Secure Credential to use it during Scripting Powershell or PowerCli. I use two functions Export-CliXml and Import-CliXml

PowerCli Tag Folder

2 minute read

How to manage Tag in VMware vSphere 6.x and folders in VM View and Templates.

PowerCli Lab StormShield

2 minute read

Preview on Youtbe In order use PowerCli Lab StormShield you need install some things like PowerCli and we must have vSphere 6.x or higher environnement.


1 minute read

You know Mahapps or Material Design and now we have the opportunity to use FluentWPF with PowerShell and XAML [System.Reflection.Assembly]::L...